London 2013, July News Update
  Hi everybody! We are eager to share our bursting impressions of what we have seen in London this wonderful summer of 2013! Please do watch our short interviews and join the magic of this fabulous city! Stay up to date! Kind regards!!!


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  London, like no other city in the world, is appealing inviting and unforgettable! Let yourself be plunged into its magic, trust our experience and we will guide you through the whole new world of fantastic sensations and discoveries!!!


Hot summer 2010
The summer is really hot!!! Full of new things happening around, new friends and exciting events! London, Brighton, Isle of Wight, Edinburgh, Glasgow… All those were places second to none making us want to come back one day! We hope we will!!!


London Story
  Where do I begin to tell you the London story? It has a beginning, it has no end… You anticipate the meeting with this city like a kid who is looking forward to the birthday party. You meet the city and you fall in love with it and the process is irreversible! You start your own London story which is wonderful and unique!


Christmas London
 Multitude of lights, happy smiles and anticipation of magic that is ready to enter your life and stay there forever…
 This is what London is like with December , 25 approaching…
 Feel the magic, join the reality and… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!