Language notes


Fresh from London language notes 2017  

To drift in and out of fashion
My wife chucked me out of France
She affectedly deported me
At French weddings everybody does a turn (performs)
There is no trace of accent
That can make you qualify (become one)
They jump on any mistake I make a (criticise)
They magpied it from other cultures
Micro tolerance 
Macro tolerance
The airplane needs to be de-iced
That’s wrong to dance to their tune
No longer discussion is going to be helpful
You can shout to TK maxx from here
If some people think they are 15 min late they still think they are early
It generated the hugest fuss
He was very vocal, very accusational
They were having a blast
It was a massive shock
Vinyl touch
It is having a tremendous come back
It is bananas busy
What happened in the club stayed in the club
Is anyone involved in medicine in any way or fashion?
The great ironical twist was that…
Is there anything I must bring for tea?
-you only need to bring yourself:)
I am going to make a wee 
She is drifting…
We had quite an odd few
I’ll get you the best seats in the house
That’s pretty much it
It will warm your heart to see..
It’s a hotspot for pickpockets
They make a split decision
There is no sugar coating it
She was vocal about it
To say that he was strict is an understatement
To multiply by infinity
The party was back
He is coming up on 70
It»s like walking through pride and prejudice novel
You are rubbing shoulders with pms 
Your wow moment is coming very shortly
Blue heritage plate
Don’t kill me with your enthusiasm
Mentally incapacitated
Give everybody ample time to…
London eye; can I you marry me? Can we talk about it later?
Like fish out of water
We’ll start low and finish high
Maximum exposure
It is sensational
It is down to the ground( perfect)
If you seek my memorial look around you(Churchill-St Paul’s)
The public toilets are very free
We’ll stop here for a quick minute
I am ready to kick  my feet up
Mish-mash of everything
That would be the worst case scenario
I leave that up to your imagination
Of all shapes and sizes
Starkers naked
It is not exactly ideal now
Ridiculously priced
If things weren’t bad enough
5 days solid
This is a morbid fact
It’s not much we can do about it

On a city tour bus in Dublin.
— This is is the stop for the Guinness beer store.
— Please remain seated until the bus STOPS (near the Guinness beer factory, Dublin)

A local lady in Galway, Ireland.
— If you don’t like the weather please wait a minute!

Having a meal with an English family.

Mother is passing the son cream asking him to open it to use with the cake. He does it, covering the top again. The conversation is going on smoothly. Mother, thinking the cream isn’t open yet shakes it and it splashes on her top. She holds a pause then goes to the sink to wash it all away. We continue talking. Then after she says: «Andrew, next time you open it please leave the top open for me so that I could see you’ve already done it.»
Andrew: «But Mum, when you asked me to open it I thought you meant it?»
Mum: » But when you saw I was going to shake it you understood I was going to open it?»
Andrew: «Yes, but I was busy keeping the conversation going at that moment…»



Watching Telly with the English family.
— Wife: «My husband thinks this series is rubbish, so we watch it when he is away».


In the underground. (at Waterloo)

— Please tell me which is the quickest way to get to Barbican tube station?
— Well, this is very confusing… If you don’t want to change go to Baker Street station change and then get to Barbican. If you want it shorter go to Embankment then change for District line, then go to the Monument then change…
— Oh, no! I don’t want to change!


In the Royal Albert Hall.

The conductor of King’s College Choir of Cambridge in the Royal Albert Hall addressing the public:
— Men sing the men’s part, women sing the women’s. If you want to sing all the time, it doesn’t matter.


In front of the Buckingham Palace.
A family of 5: father , mother and 3 teenage girls stop suddenly. One of the girls takes off one boot and showing her sock to everybody says: «Look, I’ve got a whole in it!»
Her Mum says:» Ok,honey, you should take it off as soon as you come home.» One of the other sisters yells: » By the way, they used to be my socks!!!»


BA 237 London — Moscow.

1. The captain:
— It’s a bit chilly in Moscow. The thermometer shows minus 28.

2. The captain:
— Sorry to say that we are about 10 minutes delayed as 2 passengers are nowhere to be seen in the airport…



Аэропорт Домодедово.

Внимание, пассажир Дракула, прибывший из Лондона рейсом 237, следующий в Краснодар, пожалуйста, подойдите за своим багажом.
🙂 🙂